About Us

We're a creative team that loves to learn, collaborate and develop

Our Story

IT WONDERS is a software and web development agency established in Singapore in year 2014 then in Johor, Malaysia to help businesses, enterprises and corporates to enhance their online branding and create more values to their customer through providing customized web design and development services.

From purely web and mobile development, today, we are diving and dwelling into big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions. As we always keep our clients’ success in mind, this decision is made to enable us to provide more solutions options for our existing and future clients in order keep up and overcome business obstacle due to one of the major global revolution in the coming years.

Our Vision

At IT Wonders, our vision is to help business improve their workflow, productivity, market capture, products & services by providing automated web and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and useful predictive insights from business data.

Our business ideas support this vision through offering customizable web-based, mobile applications, data analytics and artificial intelligence solutions so that every business and organizations, from small, medium, to large will be able to revolutionize and streamline their business according to their needs and budgets.

Our Mission

  • To create applications for our clients that are always a step ahead of their industry competitors, easy-to-use user interfaces, interactive and easy to use.
  • To create forward looking custom web and mobile applications for our clients to better adapt to the quick changes of current and future Internet of Things (IoTs) business world by using leading edge web technology tools and programming language.
  • To provide business intelligence and automated solutions for our clients through predictive data analytics and artificial intelligence technology
  • To revolutionize the internet world by creating data analytics and artificial intelligence solution for business regardless of their business size

Why Us ?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Our clients are happy and love our works. Most of our clients were referred through word of mouth.

Quality Control

We deliver quality solution by doing unit testing of each module and whole system before acceptance by our clients to ensure quality work.

Timely Response

We are able to response and support quickly whenever there is an issue or urgent need of technical support or maintenance request, either via email, WhatsApp, or phone call.

Scrum & Agile Methodology

We follow agile development methodology, incorporate optimum resource allocation, flexible with changes needs and use modern tools and techniques to ensure timely delivery and quality products.

Automation & UX Enhancement

We understand end-user therefore we try our best to ensure end-user process to be automated as much as possible while taking care of cost and budget of the project, in order to reduce multiple manual input by end users.

Flexible Engagement Models

We offer different engagement models that enable your organization to choose an options that best serves your business strategy and needs.

Core Values


We always looking for long term partnership and mutual trust, we respect your business just like our own business. We are sincere, honest and open in dealings to ensure trustworthiness.


We carefully choose and select suitable yet cutting edge programming languages and technology tools that makes your web/mobile applications and cloud softwares light, fast and expandable.


Features optimization for win-win situations for you and your clients and us. Your applications are fully optimised for mobile and tablet version, in terms of User Interface (UI), User Experience (UX) and speed.


Our solutions are flexible to your needs, and expandable and extensible into bigger applications in short and long term future.


We promised to deliver up to and more than your expectation in terms of quality and services.


We practise clean and organise coding which is easy to maintain and transferable