E-Service Report With Auto Generated Email & PDF

E-Service Report


The Malaysian company wanted to change from paper to digital reporting. They had requirements such as the ability to search and produce reports on the fly.

Our Solutions


The technicians are required to fill in service report forms.

To make it easier for them, we provided a digital e-service form exactly as their old forms but with more features.

We included two unique features to help them improve their speed:

  • Automatically calculate how many hours a technician has worked allowing technicians and Human Resources (HR) to easily keep track of time worked.
  • We provided a section where technicians can digitally sign their reports.
  • Able to access the application without internet. When reconnected, will get real-time updates of the reports.

Project Managers

The project managers are able to see reports under their supervision in a glance.

Once it's been determined that a report has been completed, the project manager updates the report status from a status dropdown list.

Upon completion of a report, clients will be automatically informed via e-mail.

Overall Features

Frontend features and functions include:
  • Auto calculate overtime hours.
  • Generate Report when PDF has been created
  • Digital signatures to be saved in database and included in auto generated report
  • Ability to assign reports to project managers and vendors.
  • Automatically email customers when report has been made or when service has been completed.
  • In the service report table, users can see reports assigned to them and their coresponding status by color
  • Ability to operate in offline mode
Admin functions:
  • Create and modify users in the system
  • User-friendly service report management